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В связи с тем, что 2 февраля 2016 года вступили в силу Правила осуществления электронной торговли, утверждённые Приказом и.о. Министра национальной экономики РК №720 от 25.11.2015, все цены на товары, работы и услуги должны быть установлены исключительно в национальной валюте — тенге.


Я часто покупаю дешевые аксессуары на Taobao через yoybuy

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Quality Check. We make sure goods conform to your specifications and are in good condition. Any issues noted will be timely resolved with the vendor. We know quality is very important for your business, and we are here to effectively support you with that.
Combine order. If your customer orders multiple products from different sellers, we can combine them all in one parcel. You can save in shipping cost, at the same time your customer receives only one parcel.
Repacking. We repack without extra charge. We need to repack for safety & protection of the items. We also add bubble wrap to your products, and make sure your parcel is well packed and protected. We use heavy-duty security tape to prevent tampering during shipping transit.
Ship products directly to your Customer with the option to have your own business branding. Global Shipping with very competitive rates, and many shipping options to choose from like ePacket, SF Express, DHL, Aramex, and more.
We provide 24/7 Customer Support
Easy International Payment Options.
With Taobao Age. Dropshipping Agent, you can be assured your business strategy is kept secret. With more suppliers and products to incorporate on your website’s product listings, you can enjoy more revenues flowing to your bank account!
If you are on the business of importing products for resale, and you purchase bulk orders, one way of testing salesability of new product is by using dropshipping service before you consider buying bulk. This helps you mitigate the risks of having slow-moving or non-moving items which consumes your storage and at the risk of inventory obsolescence.
Fore more information, contact us via Live Chat at YOYBUY, or email us at service@yoybuy.com.

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